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The Modern Solution

To A Classic Problem.


Our ultimate goal was to do the unthinkable: Integrate the latest projector lighting technology into the slimmest headlamp design on the market. Seven's bring peace of mind for those with minimal space to work with under the hood. Not only are they the slimmest 7" projector light ever created, the SEVEN'S also pack of punch. Designed with our own thermo-regulated LED optical module, you get a massive increase of light at less than half the draw of power. Step into the modern era with SEVEN's while maintaining the classic timeless look your ride deserves.

Plug and Go.

Designed to be a replacement for stock sealed beams, these lights fit into most classic car headlight buckets without any modification. The wiring plugs right into your OEM socket and there's no need to modify your existing wiring. With the low amperage draw of LED's long gone is the world of ballasts and relay harnesses.

Designed LED Performance.

The optimal task in designing the unit was to find the balance of brightness, heat dispersion, and reliability all in one. Sevens come equipped with a specially designed variant of ThermoCool LED that has accumulated countless hours of testing and design. What you get is a high performance LED optical unit with virtually silent performance and lifespan designed to exceed 10,000 hours. The Integrated 10,000RPM cooling system keeps your bulb temperatures low preserving the integrity of your SEVENS and surrounding components. With light output over 3x stock headlights, you'll get a boatload of crisp white light while saving more than 60% amperage draw compared to OEM sealed beams.

Adaptive Power Control.

Inline is an adaptive power control unit (PCU) that stabilizes voltage fluctuation. With only a 2.4 amp draw, you'll have less strain on your alternator and more power to bump your tunes. Even with power surges and dips, the PCU adapts to your voltage ensuring your lights stay on.

Optional Original(OE) Glass.

To deliver that classic look, our unique partial Fresnel lenses utilize a special clear center to ensure your output is crisp and clean. The glass lens has a standard sealed beam curvature to retain the bubbled look. We not only believe in change, but change for the better.

OE Glass w/HDR Switchback Halos

Switchback Capabilities.

Powered by the latest technology, most of our headlights can be paired with our optional switchback halos. These halo rings feature a crisp white day time running-light, which then 'switches' to a deep amber light when activated by your vehicle's turn signal switch. Want the brightest? Add a set of our HDR halos for the most bright and advanced halos on the market.

Unlimited Combinations.

One of the best features of LED Sevens are the options to build out your dream headlight. Pick and choose the options that suits your ride the best. Want something above and beyond? Contact Us for custom options such as laser etching, custom inserts, and other cool features to stand out from the crowd. 

Halo Styles

HDR Switchback

The most advanced halo on the market, these solid LED rings feature switchback technology which can be used for day-time running lights and as turns signals in the same ring. Though their main purpose is not road illumination, they are often brighter than stock sealed beams.


HDR RGB (Multi-Color)

Utilizing the same technology as the HDR Switchbacks, these Red-Green-Blue (RGB) capable halos allow you to switch between many custom and different colors via a standard remote or your phone (Bluetooth controller). These also feature switchback technology so you can go from any color to amber when signaling to make a turn.

Classic Switchback

More of a conventional style halo, these high power SMD LEDs feature switchback technology which can be used for day-time running lights and as turns signals in the same ring.

Modern White

Unique to Dapper Lighting are our modern halos. These dashed lights give you a custom, unique, and futuristic look to your classic car. Available only in white, these bright LEDs provide that extra touch not seen in most headlights.


Protection Covers

Give your sealed beams a unique look and protect them with our headlamp protection covers. They are designed to both protect your lights from the harsh road conditions and give them a unique style. Covers are made in the USA, impact-resistant, 12 mils thick, and adhesive-backed. The outer skin is scratch and scuff resistant that protects the lamps from the harsh road conditions and UV discoloration as well. The inner skin evenly bonds to glass or plastic lenses without leaving residue or imperfections. These units are must-have when you want to keep your lights safe and looking good.

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Note: This Headlight is sold in a pair and built to order. Build times may vary based on availability and options selected.

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