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7" Philips LED

7" Philips LED


These are sold in SINGLE units, for dual headlight vehicles you will need to purchase two units.

7" Philips LED Headlight // PAR-56 // H6024

50x Longer life

First to market with street-legal exterior LEDs

  • LED01X1
  • Dual beam system
  • DOT compliant

High-Power Luxeon® Altilon LEDs

Philips LED Headlamps feature our advanced LUXEON Altilon LEDs. This innovative technology delivers powerful, precise illumination and bright white 5600 K light output that's closer to the color temperature of daylight, while dramatically improving overall nighttime visibilit

Split-lamp with a low beam and high beam

The split-lamp low beam and high beam offers a unique look, when on and off. In addition, the complex reflector design optimizes and evenly distributes for the best visibility and pattern.

Military-grade die-cast aluminium housing

Unlike your traditional headlamp, the Philips LED Headlamp is bulb-free and electronics are encapsulated in hardened epoxy to resist damage caused by shock and vibration. The LED Headlamp features a military-grade die cast aluminium housing and an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. The 'split-lamp' appearance offers a unique look when on and off, and their ultra-rugged construction make these LED headlamps ready for tough conditions - on road or off.


Technical Specifications

  • Technical specifications

    12  V
  • Product description

    Philips LED Headlamp
    LED Headlamp
    7" round
    Color temperature
    Light source
    2 LED Arrays
    6014, 6015, 6016, H6024

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