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About Us

What is Dapper Lighting?

Dapper Lighting is a team of team of young car enthusiasts with a passion for motorsports and the joy of driving. The love for turning wrenches and upgrading our own personal cars led us into our journey to create not just high performance headlamps, but aesthetically pleasing systems that held on to that 'classic' feel. Using state of the art design equipment, Dapper Lighting takes modern projector technology and pairs it with durable components that guarantee outstanding performance without sacrificing the timeless look of your ride.

Every set of headlamps we sell is handmade in the USA by our team to your specific (and many times custom) requests. We confidently stand by our products performance and reliability with a 5-year warranty on most products. If we wouldn't run it on our cars, why would you?

This is what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Classic Car Lighting.

How did we start?

What started as frustration for a high school student while working on his car has turned into a growing full time business. The founder, Ben Silverstein was working on his Datsun in his driveway when he realized the lighting options were insignificant compared to the HID projector technology found on newer cars. To answer this problem, he worked with manufacturers to have a design mocked up. By the age of 19, he had a fully functional prototype ready for the market.

Fast forward 6 years, and the company now known as Dapper Lighting has expanded to two locations and numerous employees. With a small strong fan base, Dapper Lighting has grown to see it's products used on everything from high profile builds to the everyday grocery car. Known for performance and reliability, Dapper Lighting recently released the second version of their lights known as V2s, which offers quality that rivals todays OEM products. For more information V2s or on the latest products, please give us a call at 415-493-8236.

Some of the Dapper Lighting team at Hot August Nights 2015


 Dapper Lighting is a proud member of the SEMA association and Young Executives Network. Founder, Ben Silverstein, strongly believes in encouraging development and creativity at Dapper and requires all employees to actively participate in industry associations and the YEN program.