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Dapper Lighting is Going to Hot August Nights Reno

July 22, 2016

This will be the second time Dapper Lighting has gone to Hot August Nights and it was a blast the first time! It's happening August 3rd - August 6th and Dapper Lighting is going to be there with a booth! It will be in downton Reno at the Big Boy's Toy Store. It's a great opportunity to physically hold our lights and see how they perform. There's also a deep show discount that you can only get at shows.

Come check out the all new 575 that blows every other sealed beam out of the water!


Actor Sung Kang 'Fast and Furious' Franchise Builds FuguZ, Fan of Dapper Lighting

May 16, 2016

Sung Kang famously known for his character 'Han' from the 'Fast and Furious' Franchise recently teamed up with Greddy Performance in Irvine, CA to build a 73' Datsun 240Z. When asked about the naming of the vehicle 'Fuguz', Kang replied:

"My friend Steve Strope is a car builder and he built some of my favorite cars, including the Anvil Mustang that appeared in Fast & Furious 6," said Kang. "I asked him why he named his cars and he said that so much goes into building one they become like his kids, and all family members should have a name."

"That stuck with me when we started thinking of a proper name for our Z," continued Kang. "I remembered having dinner with Sonny Chiba in Japan while filming Tokyo Drift. We were having fugu, Japanese for blowfish, and Chiba explained that if the poisonous fish wasn't properly prepared, it could kill you – a parallel I saw with a car built for the track."

Kang, who expects to race the vehicle in a 24 hour race at some point, partnered up with Dapper Lighting to provide headlights and tail lights for the FuguZ. What he called stage two of the build, involves more modern equipment such as lighting upgrades to not only keep himself safe but the others safe around him on the track and streets. When asked why Dapper? Sung replied "I almost killed myself with the stock headlights. I couldn't see anything. I knew I needed Dapper." The FuguZ currently runs the Dapper Lighting Chrome V2 Halo edition. The kit starts at $369, is fully plug and play with most classic vehicles, and is available at





Where does Dapper Lighting fit into the Automotive Lighting Market?

November 5th, 2014


Background: Lighting technology took a giant leap forward with the introduction of High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps to the automotive marketplace in 1991 (on BMW 7-Series).  HID headlamps, commonly referred to as Xenon headlamps, are superior to traditional halogen headlamps because they provide a brighter light for increased forward visibility, typically last twice as long, and are more energy efficient.  High-end automobile manufacturers enthusiastically embraced the use of HID headlamps years ago, but there was no suitable option for classic cars. Owners resorted to three different options: 1. Drilling and gluing HID headlamps into old sealed beam housings known as retrofitting, 2. Installing HID kits into halogen designed headlamps, 3. Purchasing high end conversion kits that started at $1,000. These options were not only limited but were either time consuming, dangerous, or unaffordable.


Dapper Lighting makes it easy and affordable for owners of classic cars to upgrade to high-quality HID headlamps by offering plug-and-play projector conversions for ALL sealed beam applications. For six years we have been specializing in projector technology in conjunction with HID lighting as is used on many Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) applications.


The same basic sealed-beam incandescent-bulb headlights that illuminated the road in front of the Ford Model T in 1908 have been standard equipment for most vehicles until the early 1990s.


Since the introduction of High Intensity Discharge headlamps to the automotive marketplace in 1991, only a handful of high-end auto manufactures have embraced the technology due to higher OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) costs compared to conventional halogen headlamps. Consumers commonly find HID headlamps only on expensive cars such as BMWs and Mercedes, which is truly a shame because of the advantages they offer over halogen lights. Not only do xenon headlamps help to appease our ever-growing energy concern with their high efficiency and longer life, but the technology also offers a brighter, wider, and more uniformly lit beam. This lends to an overall increase in safety and comfort while driving at night.


Xenon Lighting is the way of the future for vehicle lighting. Most high-end luxury, SUV, and sports cars are coming from the factory with Xenon (HID) lighting. This is because in conjunction with Projector technology, HID lighting puts out up to 300% more light, gives off more vivid colors, and has a larger, more refined light spread. In return this gives drivers increased safety while driving at night and during heavy rain, snow, or fog.


Dapper Vs. Competition: There are many types of headlight conversions on the market. There are H4 headlamp conversions, LED headlamp conversions, and an immense amount of poorly-made imitation headlamps (made to look like a higher-end product, but will not perform like one) Dapper Lighting is quite literally the only company providing REAL manufactured projector conversions for every type/size of sealed beam application on the market.


Potential customers of Dapper are in the market primarily because:


  • Their headlights aren’t safely illuminating the road
  • They’re using vehicles off-road, on a track, or in an area where street lights are scarce
  • They are seeking to change the style / looks of their current headlight setup.
  • They have an existing issue with their OEM harness or headlights.


The Dapper goal is to provide the market with safe, reliable, and stylish lighting upgrades at an affordable cost. Much of our business comes from customers who have bought headlight kits from other companies and weren’t satisfied. Often we get calls from people saying they bought a cheap $100 “projector style” headlight system from eBay or elsewhere, we hear the same complaints: “the lighting is terrible, there’s no cut-off for oncoming traffic, and they’re made of flimsy plastic” Dapper Lighting designs projector conversions that will easily last the lifetime of your car and while other companies warranty for 90 days, Dapper will back you and your new headlamps for 5 years.


Our kits trump the competition. We offer:


  • OEM fitment, no cutting, splicing, modification
  • 42mm & 64mm glass projectors
  • 3mm thick heavy duty lens
  • Sharp hi-low cutoff
  • Hi-durability water resistant housings with optional LED halos / DRL’s
  • 5-year warranty on most products
  • Mon-Sun technical support
  • Numerous model / color combinations available to suit the look you want


There are NO other companies offering complete manufactured projector conversion kits for all OEM sealed beam applications. Dapper Lighting has spent the last 6 years developing the highest-quality products for seamless DIY installation. We test fit our products on numerous cars to ensure our products remain within OEM dimensions. The Dapper Team is constantly using the feedback and reviews we get from our customers / sponsors in order to improve on our products in the ever-growing aftermarket lighting scene. Currently we have 100% feedback on both our website as well as various ecommerce marketplaces, and we strive to keep it that way. Maintaining a positive relationship with our customers and providing affordable, safe, high-quality lighting upgrades is our passion.


Dapper Lighting

Style meets Function.


Dapper Lighting’s New V2 Projector Headlamps Bring Modern Technology and Quality to Classic Cars


October 13th, 2014

Dapper Lighting is announcing the next generation of 7” projector headlights, appropriately called the V2. They house a large 64mm projector with a built in high/low control. In use with HIDs they offer a 275% lumen increase over OEM sealed beams (2200lm vs 800lm).

Ben Silverstein, founder of Dapper Lighting, is excited to continue on the success of the company, “At Dapper Lighting we are striving to fill a segment that has been missing in the automotive lighting market. Classic car owners are limited to dim stock lamps, expensive LED replacements, or faux 'projector' lamps. I’ve found for most owners, it’s a combination of performance, classic looks, ease of installation, and affordability.

The V2s were shipped out last month to customers who pre-ordered the product, and the initial reviews have been very positive. Dapper Lighting is working to use the continued success of the product to build a brand name that people recognize, which is no easy feat in today’s competitive automobile market.

About Dapper Lighting:

What started as frustration for a high school student while working on his car has turned into a growing full time business. The founder, Ben Silverstein was working on his Datsun in his driveway when he realized the lighting options were insignificant compared to the HID projector technology found on newer cars. To answer this problem, he worked with manufacturers to have a design mocked up. By the age of 19, he had a fully functional prototype ready for the market.

Fast forward 6 years, and the company now known as Dapper Lighting has 6 employees, and sales are on pace to increase 265% from 2013. Dapper Lighting has just come out with a second version of their lights known as V2s, which offers quality that rivals todays OEM products.

For more information, please visit or call 415-493-8236