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Dapper Lighting 575 Black

Dapper Lighting 575 Black


Our ultimate goal was to do the unthinkable: Integrate the latest projector lighting technology into the slimmest headlamp design on the market. 575's bring peace of mind to those with little space to work with under the hood. But Not only are they the slimmest 5.75" projector light ever created, the 575'S pack a punch. Designed with our own thermo-regulated LED optical module, you get a massive increase of light at less than half the draw of power. Step into the modern era with 575's while maintaining the classic timeless look your ride deserves.

Designed to be a replacement for stock sealed beams, these lights fit into most classic car headlight buckets without any modification. The wiring plugs right into your OEM socket and there's no need to modify your existing wiring. With the low amperage draw of LED's long gone is the world of ballasts and relay harnesses.

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