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Cornering LEDs - 3157

Cornering LEDs - 3157


Lights that live on

Ultinon LED lights last 8 years

Ultinon LED bulbs are made to fit and enjoy for longer

The unique innovative design provides a high level of robustness and vibration resistance for up to 8 years lifespan. You will likely never have to replace your car lights again.

Quicker light-up means greater driving safety

Standard incandescent bulbs actually take a little time to light up. Ultinon LED lights turn on instantly. That means, when you brake, the vehicle behind you can react sooner. The instant-on response provided by Ultinon LED lights can significantly reduce braking distance.

Similar light performance as conventional bulbs

Ultinon LED light bulbs are the perfect replacement for your existing conventional incandescent bulbs. It provides a well-balanced light distribution, assuring a safe replacement.

Corresponding to beam pattern of incandescent bulbs

Philips Ultinon LEDs are tested in a variety of vehicles to meet the beam pattern of incandescent bulbs. Visit our car database to check the list of cars appropriate to use the product.

First to market street legal exterior LEDs

Philips has tested Ultinon LEDs in a variety of vehicles to meet the DOT regulations and SAE standards. 

Product Number: 3157RULRX2, 3157ULWX2, 3157AULAX2

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