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Dapper Lighting OE5 (Set of 4 Headlights)



For years we have strived to create headlights that integrate modern technology that retain the stock looks your classic vehicles deserve. Well, we’ve finally achieved our goal. At the core of the OE5 is our featured LED projector technology with the appearance of a classic H4 headlight. The OE5 delivers up to 3X more light than a traditional H4 conversion, 65% less draw than a sealed beam, and 100% more confidence in your night driving.


Active Cooling.

Patent Pending

Equipped with our patent-pending Active Cooling System, the OE5 is ready to protect you in the all-weather situations. Providing up to 30% cooler LED operating temperatures than other brands, your LEDs will last longer and outshine your own paint job.

Adaptive Power Control.

Inside you’ll find a plug and play adaptive power unit to stabilize voltage to high power Korean Semiconductor LEDs lighting up the road ahead of you. With only a 2.1 amp draw, you’ll have less strain on your alternator and more power to bump your tunes. Power surges and dips? No problem. The onboard control unit will adapt to your vehicle and keep you safe.

Progressive Low/High Output.

The OE5 features Progressive Low/High output to help aid your eyes when driving at night. As you turn your high beams on, your low beams will dim so your eyes can adjust to seeing light further down the road. Studies show that foreground light should be decreased to increase distance visibility.

Original Looks.

To deliver that classic look, our unique partial fresnel lenses utilize a special clear center to ensure your output is clean and crisp. The glass lens has a standard sealed beam curvature to retain the bubbled look. Depending on the vehicle, some bucket modifications may be required. We not only believe in change but change for the better. If you are looking for stock replacements, you can’t go wrong with an OE5.



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Note: This Headlight is sold in a set of 4 headlights and built to order. Build times may vary based on availability and options selected. Some users may need headlight bucket modification.

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