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A Guide to the RGB Multi-Color Halos and Bluetooth Controller

A Guide to the RGB Multi-Color Halos and Bluetooth Controller

Installing a set of Dapper headlights equipped with multicolor halos and Bluetooth controller may seem like a daunting task at first glance. However, the following tips should help you avoid the most common issues and make your install a much more painless experience.

Hooking Everything Up

There are several components to hook up to the end of each halo pigtail, mainly the driver boxes, which then connect to the Bluetooth controller. The colors of the connectors on each end of the driver box pigtail correspond with the color of the connector they pair with (white female plug to white male plug, etc.). One thing to note, when hooking up the halo pigtail to the driver box, check that the colors of the wires on either side of that connection match each other. If any of those wire colors don’t match, the halos will display the incorrect color when turned on. Please reach out to us immediately if you have this issue.

When connecting the driver boxes to the Bluetooth controller itself, there are a few different connections on the controller to choose from: one pair of 5 pin connectors and 2 pairs of 4 pin connectors. You will ignore the pair of 5 pin connectors and use the 4 pin ones. Each pair of 4 pin connectors represents a channel on the controller. If you have 4 headlights, you would split either the left and right side to channels 2 and 3, or you could separate the low beams and high beams to their own channels. For 2 headlight systems, you have the choice to wire them to the same channel or to separate channels for independent color control.

Navigating The App

Once you have everything plugged in and powered on, it’s time to get the Bluetooth Controller set up. You will need to go into the app store of your phone and search for the Morimoto XBT app. It will prompt you to pair your phone with the controller, which should happen automatically. 

Once the app is paired, you should have full control of your RGB halos. The main page will allow you to scroll through every color on the spectrum and save your favorites so you don’t have to find them again. One thing to note here, there are 3 channels on the Bluetooth controller, but you will only be using channels #2 and 3. If you are trying to change the color of the halos, but it’s not working correctly, please check the channels just above the color wheel to make sure you have the ones you’re using highlighted.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, send an email to and we will be sure to help you out!
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