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Apply for a position at Dapper Lighting - Las Vegas, NV

Apply for a position at Dapper Lighting - Las Vegas, NV

About Us

Dapper Lighting is a team of car enthusiasts with a passion for motorsports and the joy of driving. The love for turning wrenches and upgrading our own personal cars led us into our journey to create not just high performance lighting products, but aesthetically pleasing systems that held on to that 'classic' feel. Using state of the art design equipment, Dapper Lighting takes modern lighting technology and pairs it with durable components that guarantee outstanding performance without sacrificing the timeless look of your ride.

Every set of headlamps we sell is handmade in the USA by our team to your specific requests. We confidently stand by our products performance and reliability with a 5-year warranty on most products. If we wouldn't run it on our cars, why would you?

This is what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Classic Car Lighting.

Dapper is seeking talented and motivated individuals for the following positions (Click the job title for a PDF of the position details): 

How to Apply

Apply on Indeed or send a resume via email to