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Fake Projectors and Other Lighting Choices

Imitation projector headlamps are basically an H4 conversion with a plastic lens mounted over the bulb. This is made to look like a projector, but because the bulb is no longer has a bowl in front to guide the light toward the housing, the reflection off the housing itself is of VERY poor quality. This setup is worse than a standard H4 conversion and is not recommended. As you can see by the picture, the light is scattered and often misdirected into the eyes of oncoming traffic.

To the left is a closer picture of the lens of a fake projector light. You can see here how the bulb has nothing around it to focus or guide the light. With HIDs you add much brighter light, but the scatter issues are only compounded by the added brightness. Standard H4 conversions offer better light output versus these fake projector designs. But, if you want the best light output, spread, and cutoff for your money, your best bet is to go with projector headlamps. Click HERE to see our selection of projector lights.