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Video Testimonial

Want a $25 dollar Dapper Lighting Gift Card?!

Here's what we need:

1. 30 to 90 seconds video of you talking about your Dapper Lighting Lights (Please film in Vertical format!)

Questions you can answer:

  • What’s your favorite thing about your Dapper Lighting Lights?
  • What would you tell a friend who was interested in Dapper Lighting Lights?
  • What options did you pick and why?
  • What made you choose Dapper Lighting over other lighting options?
  • Anything else you feel compelled to add

2. A couple short video clips showing off your lights and your car (Please film in Vertical format!)

Anyone who submits all (Steps 1 and 2) the required information will receive a $25 Dapper Lighting Gift Card!


For submission, please message us via Instagram @dapperlighting or email us at

Check out the example video below!