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1971 Dodge Charger 500 Sequential LED Taillight Kit w/LED Reverse (2 Panel)

Original price $274.99 - Original price $274.99
Original price
$274.99 - $274.99
Current price $274.99

If your vehicle is equipped with turn signals ONLY (mid-60s and older), you need just one flasher module. If your vehicle is equipped with turn signals AND 4-way hazard flashers (mid-60s and newer), you will need two flasher modules for everything to work correctly.

Current Lead Times 3 - 6 Months.

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     DIGI-TAILS kits are safer and brighter than standard factory lights or other LED kits because our light-panels contain
     high-intensity wide-angled LEDs that are strategically positioned to maximize light output and fully optimize your lenses.

DIGI-TAILS is the only fully sequential LED kit.  We utilize advanced technology by lighting LED’s in a fluid and sweeping pattern,
     rather than merely lighting up blocks of LEDs. 
     DIGI-TAILS allows you to choose standard operations or our fully sequential feature with a flip of a switch, conveniently located on every board.  

     DIGI-TAILS have been custom engineered to fit your housing precisely, rather than using generic light-panels. 
     Our care in design gives you easy installation and exceptional appearance.
     DIGI-TAILS pigtail kits come complete with everything needed to replace your old standard bulbs with high quality LED lighting;
     clear instructions are included.  

 are designed and assembled for durability and unsurpassed quality here in the USA.
     DIGI-TAILS meets or exceeds DOT & SAE requirements. 
     Each light-panel has a protective coating to prevent rusting and corrosion.  Limited Life-Time Warranty.

There is nothing else like DIGI-TAILS on the market, so go check out various customer videos
on the web and compare them with any of our competitors.


Number of RED LEDs: 108 per side
Number of WHITE LEDs: 20 per side

Sequential Function:
Brake: inside to outside on; outside to inside off
Turn Signal: sweeping inside to outside

What's in the Box:
2 Precision Fit LED Panels
Constant Power Wire Kit
Pigtail Harness Kit
Crimp terminals

If you are installing both LED taillights and LED front turn/park lights 2 electronic LED flashers are required for proper turn signal and hazard signal functions.

HOUSING and LENS are NOT INCLUDED, however, DIGI-TAILS LED Taillight Panel kits are designed to fit your existing housing and lens perfectly.

Download you installation guide for 1971 Dodge Charger 500 Sequential LED Taillight Kit w/LED Reverse (2 Panel)


Following Video is for 1971 Dodge Charger 500 Sequential LED Taillight Kit w/LED Reverse (2 Panel):


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

Long delay to build. Called several times to check on progress. Actually quit calling as project was put on hold for a few months. Still never received. Called 3 times to be told they were delivered explaining we never took delivery multiple times. They were to check with delivery service and get back to us. Never got a return phone call. Never received LED tail light boards. We received the other products ordered not quick but they are built per order so that is why we ordered ahead of time for project. Not good customer service in my opinion.

luis rene acuña pizarro

Shopping 23 January even no send to me (26-April)my order 16072

Carlos M.
Wonderful product

Wonderful product

Havent got the parts yet

Havent got the parts yet

Hi Krister!

The item was drop-shipped and since this was an international order, it'll take a bit longer than our domestic orders.

According to the information from the tracking number, it arrived at the facility April 6th at 14:36 and is ready for pick up.

Please let me know whether or not you were able to pick it up.

Hopefully we can get you to change this 1 star review to a 5 star!

Mike K.
1970 Nova

These were installed to replace the original incandescent lighting. about an hour or so but pretty straight forward installation. Now my tail lights are much brighter and the reverse light are actually useful.