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Dapper Lighting H4 Relay Kit

Dapper Lighting H4 Relay Kit


Dapper Lighting H4 Relay Kit - DLRH4 and DLRH2

Are your old sealed beams dim? Can't see at night? You may be experiencing voltage drops from your old stock wiring. Use a Dapper Lighting H4 Relay Kit to boost your voltage back to the factory spec. Our relay harness draws power from your battery rather than your wiring harness. See better and further on a budget with our plug-and-play 2 or 4 Headlamp relay harnesses available for all Classic Cars.

Replacement Relay can be found locally as part number: RY-51 



  • 20AWG Wiring with 14AWG Power Leads
  • 30AMP Relay
  • 30AMP Fuse
  • H4 Plugs
  • Single Power/Ground Battery Contacts
  • ~7FT in Length

NOTE: Four Headlight Relay Harness is configured for standard low/high beam functionality. Therefore, in high beam setting all four H4 headlight plugs will receive power.


What is a relay kit?

This relay kit draws power from your battery rather than your stock wiring harness. This harness should be used in applications where the users want to boost the brightness of their stock halogen lights.

When would I need a relay kit?

If your stock halogen lights are dim, this relay kit may improve light intensity.

Must be grounded in one spot on the chassis.

Along with most of our products, enjoy a 5-year worry-free warranty on this item. Have a problem? Give us a call and we'll get you a replacement. Avoid eBay and the hassle of tracking down sellers 5 years later. Dapper Lighting is here to provide you with the quality and service you need for your automotive products.

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