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Dapper Lighting H4 Splitter Cables

Dapper Lighting H4 Splitter Cables


Set of Dapper Lighting H4 Splitter Cables


- H4 Male to Two H4 Female plugs
- The short side is ~4.5 inches plug-end to plug-end
- The long side is ~12.5 inches plug-end to plug-end

Are you looking to run all four lights with low/high capability? This Dapper Lighting H4 Splitter will give you two low/high H4 plugs from your original H4 connector. This comes with a pair of splitters.

Dapper Lighting highly advises against using these splitters with HID or Halogen bulbs. The total amperage of all of the lights connected to these splitters should not exceed the OEM Low Beam amperage recommendation. 

Along with most of our products, enjoy a 5-year worry-free warranty on this item. Have a problem? Give us a call and we'll get you a replacement. Avoid eBay and the hassle of tracking down sellers 5 years later. Dapper Lighting is here to provide you with the quality and service you need for your automotive products. 

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