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Dapper Lighting HID Warning Cancellers

Dapper Lighting HID Warning Cancellers


Set of Two Dapper Lighting HID Warning Cancellers

What is a Warning Canceller?

Some of the newer vehicles monitor for blown-out bulbs. A message or light can appear when installing an HID kit on one of these vehicles and can even turn off the headlight.  While HIDs draw less power than a standard halogen (except during startup), using a Warning Canceller tricks the computer into thinking that the proper wattage is being drawn so the error is eliminated.

When do I need a Warning Canceller?

If your car is signaling that a bulb is out after installing your HID kit, you should install a Warning Canceller to alleviate the issue.

Note: The Warning Canceller is effective on MOST vehicles. 

Along with most of our products, enjoy a 5-year worry-free warranty on this item. Have a problem? Give us a call and we'll get you a replacement. Avoid eBay and the hassle of tracking down sellers 5 years later. Dapper Lighting is here to provide you with the quality and service you need for your automotive products. 

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