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Dapper Lighting Projector Kit Relay Harnesses (V1/V2)

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Dapper Lighting Projector HID Relay Kit - DLHH4
Made for V1 and V2 Dapper Lighting Projectors only.
This relay kit is to be used with all Dapper Lighting Projector Headlight Kits. This will allow you to use an HID kit with your current kit.
Note: You must have your original H4 to H1 adapter that was supplied with the kit.


Includes: 2 x Relays, 2 x Harnesses

Replacement Relay can be found locally as part number RY-51 


What is a relay kit?

-This harness should be used in applications where the vehicle's stock headlight wiring cannot handle the extra power needed to ignite an HID kit.

When would I need a relay kit?

-If your lights are flickering or turning off after a few minutes, it may be a sign your vehicle cannot handle the additional power of the HID kit.

-While we recommend Relay Kits for all HID applications, you should consider using a relay kit if you are running 55W HID kits.

-Must be grounded in two places to your chassis

-For cars with computerized systems that detect blown-out bulbs, you may need Warning Cancellers in addition to this Relay Kit

Along with most of our products, enjoy a 5-year worry-free warranty on this item. Have a problem? Give us a call, and we'll get you a replacement. Avoid eBay and the hassle of tracking down sellers five years later. Dapper Lighting is here to provide you with the quality and service you need for your automotive products.

Download installation guide for Dapper Lighting Projector Kit Relay Harnesses (V1/V2)


Following Video is for Dapper Lighting Projector Kit Relay Harnesses (V1/V2)


Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Next week arival (Australia )

Neat easy installation on 69camaro wth this blokes alwways on facebook ready to help ordered new set allready so i can change them around when i feel like it easy instructions

Brandon C.
Amazing Overall

The attention to detail and quality of the lights is the best out of any lighting company I've used in the past. The lights are bright, and look stellar on the vehicle. And the lights look beautiful. I got the Carbon Special Edition V2's and they are awesome. Thanks to Dapper Lighting this is one of the best experiences buying car parts I've ever had. The quality is worth every penny and then more. Marc at Dapper Lighting voluntarily called me to let me know there was a small imperfection in the headlight they were building, and that it would be slightly delayed while they fixed the imperfection.To top it off, Dapper Lighting voluntarily sent my lights to me through priority mail so they could get to me quickly. Their customer service is great. I would recommend to anyone who's looking for great quality headlights for their vehicle to check out Dapper Lighting.

Ricky C.
lights that really work

i bought these last year and im really happy with the led halo lights ,what a good choice.thanks dapper

Jay C.

Talk about an upgrade, I went from old sealed bulbs in my 85' FJ60 to lighting that rivals my 15 Audi! Awesome.

John Y.
Nice, but not professional

The construction of the light is sturdy and solid with using glass lenses. The chrome bezels and projector shrouds are very reflective; perhaps a bit too reflective. You can see all the wires within the light when you look at them head on and from an angle. Damper lighting gave me the run around about having them send me a new pair that was more professionally built, telling me yes they could and then saying they couldn't, to back to yes but they'd have to charge me $90 to do so. I told them to "cram it and they need to learn how to better serve their customers, and that the fault of the shotty work needs to be taken seriously and be more responsible." The projectors are solid and have a glass lens. I like the l.e.d. halos, very bright. The projectors have a built in high and low actuator and allows for easier sight on dark roads. Damper Light, could stand to put better detail in their workmanship, by putting on wire looms and making the light more professional and not just some cheap replacement and work on their communication and customer relations, still it's an ok product. At least it has a 5 year no hassle warranty...hopefully... In case something else goes wrong.