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Mazda Projector Fog Light (PT-9)

Mazda Projector Fog Light (PT-9)


In development for nearly a year, Dapper Lighting is proud to release its new line of Daptech projector fog lamps. With a bolt in design, these high quality waterproof projector fog lights replace your OEM fog lights with little to no modification at all.

What's the difference? A typical fog light will give you 5-10 feet of illuminated light. Stock fog light is typically unusable and can actually hinder night time visibility. While your focusing on the road ahead of you, illuminating the strip of road directly in front of your car can cause your pupils to decrease in size, allowing less light into your eyes, making it more difficult to see further. Daptech projector fog lights turn your fog lights into a second set of functional headlights. This can double the brightness of your stock headlights to increase visibility and safety on the road.

These units are DOT approved for road use.

Please note: You may need adapters or additional wiring to adapt your stock bulb to our projectors. Additionally, some vehicles may cause the projector to magnify light onto the bumper. This can cause damage to your paint. While installing, you should check to see that the projector will not magnify light onto your bumper. If it does not, a "eyelid" is available for purchase to block off the top part of the projector.

Bulb Type: H11
Warranty: 5 Years
Model Number: PT-9
Optional LED Halo
Comes as a PAIR


For a list of vehicles for this model, please see below:

PT-9 MAZDA 3 2007 2009 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA 3 2004 2006 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA 5 2006 2009 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA 6 2006 2014 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA CX-5 2013 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA CX-7 2007 2009 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA CX-9 2013 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA MPV 2004 2006 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA MX-5 MIATA 2006 2007 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA 5 2012 Round Type
PT-9 MAZDA 3 2012 2013 Round Type

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