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Projector Kit Relay Harnesses - 575

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Dapper Lighting Projector HID Relay Kit- DLHH575


Made for 575 Dapper Lighting Projectors only. Allows you to run all four headlamps on at the same time.


Includes: 2 x Relays, 2 x Harnesses

Replacement Relay can be found locally as part number: RY-51 


What is a relay kit?

-This harness should be used in applications where the vehicle's stock headlight wiring cannot handle the extra power needed to ignite an HID kit.

When would I need a relay kit?

-If your lights are flickering or turning off after a few minutes, it may be a sign your vehicle cannot handle the additional power of the HID kit.

-While we recommend Relay Kits for all HID applications, if you are running 55W HID kits you should consider using a relay kit.

-Must be grounded in two places to your chassis

-For cars with computerized systems that detect blown out bulbs, you may need Warning Cancellers in addition to this Relay Kit


Along with most of our products, enjoy a 5 year worry-free warranty on this item. Have a problem? Give us a call and we'll get you a replacement. Avoid eBay and the hassle of tracking down sellers 5 years later. Dapper Lighting is here to provide you with the quality and service you need for your automotive products.

Download installation guide for Projector Kit Relay Harnesses - 575


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Adam A.
575 Harness

Great quality and well thought-through; everything from the relays forward to the headlights was perfect. I DID expect that a 575 harness from Dapper that was sold to support a 575 halo light set (also Dapper) would have connections for the hid lights themselves, though. The including cable length that went from the relays to the power source was not even close enough to extend near the battery on my C3 Corvette, though and I was forced to wire directly to the alternator. A "plug and play" harness solution for the LED halos themselves would make this a "5 Star" harness option.

Thanks for your honest review. These lights are built to be used on thousands of different vehicles. Sometimes modification is necessary to get them working on your specific vehicle. Because the halos can be wired many different ways and used on many different cars, it would be too hard to provide a harness that was plug and play for the halos. If you are still having issues with the halos, please let us now and we can help assist in building a harness for your specific vehicle. Thank you!

C Y.
575 harness

Very well made and worked perfectly

David E.
Couple of improvements.

First of all, harness is a quality piece and I am satisfied with its performance, arrived within suitable timeline. However, instructions could be clearer and the main positive power feed to the high-beam relay became disconnected at some point and caused me a lot of trouble-shooting to finally get my lights to function.

Dan M.
Quality,Quality, Quality

This is one of the best looking wiring harness I've ever purchased. Installed perfect with plenty of wire length. Wires are heavy gauge . Very pleased with everything I've purchased from Dapper!

Parker A.
Projector Kit Relay Harnesses - 575

Good looking, high-quality kit, fixed dim headlight issue immediately!