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Gabe's '69 Datsun 510 #seethelight

Gabe's '69 Datsun 510 #seethelight

Gabe and his 510 
     Gabe Gonzalez discovered an attraction to vintage vehicles. During Gabe's childhood, his father was given a 1972 Datsun pickup as a bonus for yard work. At that point he developed an interest for Datsun vehicles, and later on started his search for ownership for one during his early high school years.     

     After continuously searching on the local classified ads, Gabe found 'the one'. Consisting of three colors; blue, black, and rust, Gabe thought that this 1969 Datsun 510 was a perfect project for him. He began by swapping out engine components in order to make the car run smoother. Little by little the car began to take shape.
     Paint had been resprayed, suspension had been modified, wheels had been changed, Gabe was going for a retro style look. Eventually he had a daily drivable car. As he began to drive it more often, he noticed that his stock halogen lights weren't cutting it while driving at night. He found out about Dapper Lighting via an online forum. After a smooth as butter install of his 575 lights, he was able to safely drive during night time. The lights provided a safe cutout that wouldn't blind oncoming traffic. "The lights on my car give it more character. I like to think of them as Iron Man lights."

     Gabe's future plans for his 510 are to modernize the interior of his vehicle. In addition, he would like to swap out his current wheels for some old school SSR. Lastly he hopes to add some more power to his engine down the road by adding a set of dual side draft carburetors.
     You can find Gabe and his 510 at the local Cars & Coffee or cruising around town! Catch him on Instagram @gago510.

Photography credits: @CaliMuscle

Vehicle Specs:

1969 Datsun 510

Nissan 2.0L engine

Dapper Lighting 575 w/ Modern Halo

Enkei 92 14x6.5

T3 Coilovers

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