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David's Mazda RX-7 #seethelight

David's Mazda RX-7 #seethelight

David's Mazda RX-7

     After having this vehicle sit abandoned for more than 17 years, David of Novato took ownership of this RX-7 in a unique way. David was already an owner of an RX-7 until his engine gave out after an engine malfunction. The after his engine gave out on his previous RX-7, David walked the next day into work to find an 'oxidized red FC,' as he described it. While working for a tow truck company, he hoped that the owners wouldn't pick this vehicle up, allowing him to purchase the vehicle. Over the span of several weeks, it was clear that the owners had lost interest in the vehicle resulting in the vehicle eligible to be sold. David's boss knew the interest that he had for RX-7's so his boss gave him the vehicle free of charge.
     Knowing that the car was sitting for more than 17 years, David planned for the worst. A week after obtaining ownership, he started by changing the fluids and lubing up the rotors. 'I was just praying that it wasn't blown from all of the years of sitting, and it being a rotary I had planned for the worst, but to my surprise it started right up'. David described the engine starting up with no hesitation, and that it ran like new. 
     Then the tables had turned and the modifications extravaganza began. A unique vinyl design was laid onto the body which had undergone an extensive amount of body work. A full Racing Beat race exhaust was equipped, along with a light flywheel and stage 2 clutch. For headlights, David went with Dapper Lighting's Black 6x7 V2 headlights. He states, "I chose Dapper because they look amazing and preform just as good as they look." The cherry on top is  the set of Volk Racing TE37's that this RX-7 rocks. 
You can spot this sweet ride cruising down the backroads and enjoying some California sun, or in Davids garage where he tinkers with this masterpiece. 
Follow David on Instagram @daveman415. 

Vehicle Specs:

1998 Mazda RX-7 FC

Custom Mazda Livery Vinyl 

Dapper Lighting 6x7 V2 Black

Full Racing Beat True Race Exhaust

Racing Beat Light Flywheel

Exedy Stage 2 Clutch

Mazdaspeed Coilovers

Sway/ strut bar setup

Volk Racing TE37's      

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