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David's Mazda RX-7 #seethelight

David's Mazda RX-7      After having this vehicle sit abandoned for more than 17 years, David of Novato took ownership of this RX-7 in a unique way. David was already an owner of an RX-7 until his engine gave out after an engine malfunction. The after his engine gave out on his previous RX-7, David walked the next day into work to find an 'oxidized red FC,' as he described it. While working for a tow truck company, he hoped that the owners wouldn't pick this vehicle up, allowing him to purchase the vehicle. Over the span of several weeks,...

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Gabe's '69 Datsun 510 #seethelight

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Gabe and his 510       Gabe Gonzalez discovered an attraction to vintage vehicles. During Gabe's childhood, his father was given a 1972 Datsun pickup as a bonus for yard work. At that point he developed an interest for Datsun vehicles, and later on started his search for ownership for one during his early high school years.           After continuously searching on the local classified ads, Gabe found 'the one'. Consisting of three colors; blue, black, and rust, Gabe thought that this 1969 Datsun 510 was a perfect project for him. He began by swapping out engine components in order to make the car run smoother. Little by little the...

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